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Editor Recommendations
VOD Choice in April

VOD Choice April, recommended by the staff at Korean Film Archive.

VOD Choice in March

VOD Voice March, recommended by Korean Film Archive staff.

VOD Choice in February

Three spy thriller films from the 1950s to 1970s infused with the anti-communist ideology during the time.

VOD Choice in January

Let’s see three recommended films this month

VOD Choice in December

Let’s see three recommended films with full genre colors, including Melodrama, Noir and Horror movie this month.

VOD Choice in November

The VOD Choice of November has recommended by the KMDb VOD audience. We selected three of the KMDb VOD event, "My Own VOD PICK!"

VOD Choice in October

In October, the Korean Film Archive staffs introduce three classic films about individual or family tragedies leading to historical tragedies.

VOD Choice in September

The VOD Choice of September recommended by the Korean Film Archive staff. Here are three classic melodramas that are filled with women’s desire and craving for love.

VOD Choice in August

Beginning in August, VOD Choice will introduce two new films entering the KMDb VOD service during the month, as well as a film recommended by the staff at the Korean Film Archive.

VOD Choice in July

July’s VOD Choice from Korean Film Archive. As we are entering Summer season, we recommend for you our collection of strange, alien, and thrilling classics.

VOD Choice in June

Here are three romantic comedy films that are newly service by KMDb VOD beginning in June.

VOD Choice in May

VOD CHOICE recommended by staffs of Korean Film Archive. All spotted green and vibrant May, family month!Let us introduce the heart-warming classical movies all the family members can enjoy together.

VOD Choice in April

To provide more diverse and specific information about new and classical films offered via our VOD service, we restructured KMDb VOD Special into a new segment titled “VOD Choice.”

1919: 100th Anniversary of the March First Indepen

2019 is the one hundredth anniversary of the March First Independence Movement and the founding of the Korean Provisional Government. This special feature presents films that depict the events regard

Partisan: In the Jirisan

[Winner of the Gold Prize in the 10th “I am a Producer” Contest in 2018]This special feature was planned to face the tragedies of modern and contemporary Korean history through the lens of partisans.

Story of KOFA Restoration: Resurrecting Film Back

Stories of Restoration, Breathing Life Back into Film November and December special from KMDb VOD features the works restored by the Korean Film Archive.

Searching for Answers on the Road: Road Movies

“The Road to Sampo,”,“Declaration of Idiot”, “Whale Hunting” “Mandara”are presented in the KMDb VOD Special for September and October.

Animated Feature Films of the 1960s-1970s

This program introduces the animated feature films from the 1960s, when feature-length animated films began to be produced, and the 1970s, when they became immensely popular.

Actors Stand Behind the Camera

Choi Eun-hee is the one of the most popular actress of her time who started her career in drama theater.

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