VOD Choice in May

2019-05-01 ~ 2019-05-31
VOD Choice in May
VOD Choice recommended by staffs of Korean Film Archive. All spotted green and vibrant May, family month! Let us introduce the heart-warming classical movies all the family members can enjoy together.

  • 01. The Street of Sun (Tae-yang-ui geo-li) Min Kyoung-sik, 1952
    THE STREET OF SUN(Min Kyoung-sik, 1952)

    Dae-sik Moon, an elementary school teacher who started for his new post in Daegu, a war shelter at that time encountered Dori’s brother who was fighting in the town and Bok-hee, his older sister who was stopping him from fighting. Actually, they are friends who enjoyed the schooldays together. The Dori’s family who had lived well in Seoul came down to Daegu to find a shelter, but they were all suffering from difficulties in their lives; his aged mother was seriously ill and his older brother was a jobless thug, and Bok-hee worked at a Noodle restaurant. Then one day, an incident occurred that Dori's older brother was transported to the police station arrested by a policeman for stealing money. After deciding to take care of the hopeless Dori’s family, Dae-sik powerfully walked to school with the children through the sun shining street.

    ▶ THE STREET OF SUN is a film produced in 1952 during the Korean War. A total of 14 films are reported to be produced during the Korean War, but almost of them have not been found so far; this film is the only existing work. In June 2012, staffs of Korean Film Archive visited the bereaved family of Director Min living in Daegu and found a 16mm negative film of THE STREET OF SUN that had been kept deep inside the wardrobe rolled up with a newspaper. However, unfortunately the sound film was not found yet. At last, the film started to receive preservation treatment in March 2013 only after nine months through a long-winded persuasion of the bereaved family, and it was released to the public on June 25, 2013 after passing through digital restoration. 
    Jeon Taek-yi and Noh Jae-sin, the best actors of those days acted in the movie, and Park Am made his debut as a movie actor since he graduated from the Dental University in 1948. THE STREET OF SUN describes the friendship of the children through a newly appointed elementary school teacher and the hopes to sort out the mess of the Korean War such as the act of stealing by hardships of life.

  • 02. Kongjwi and Patjwi Gang Tae-ung, 1977
    KONGJUI & PATCHUI (Gang Tae-ung, 1978)

    One day, Kongjui who lives only with his father came to accept a step mother and a step younger named Patchui. While the step mother and Patchui harassed kind-hearted Kongjui, they made her all kinds of household chores. Kongjui came across in a mountain a bachelor of a noble family with whom a wedding matter had been exchanged, and the two persons got to like each other. One day, a Buddhist Saint appeared and finished off the household chores instead of her and gave her new clothes and shoes. On the way to her mother's house with gratitude, Kongjui dropped a shoe in water. Just in time, the bachelor who had passed the state examination was on the way back to his town to start his new post as a district magistrate to pick up the shoe and ask around for its mater. The bachelor who got to know that the master of the shoe was Kongjui had a wedding with her. Patchui pushed Kongjui into a well and posed as Kongjui in the shape of her with the aid of a shaman. but, soon after all the facts came to be revealed by the soul of Kongjui who was disguised as a lotus flower to plead innocence. 

    ▶ I learned about Korean history through a puppet show on television in the late 1970s, when I was an elementary student. I was addicted to watching puppet shows of Princess Seonhwa, Park Hyeokgeose, the reverend Samyeong and others broadcasted early in the evening. I do remember that most puppets were hung in the strings.  
    It is reported in the Dong-A Daily News dated January 28, 1978 that KONGJUI & PATCHUI had a favorable notice in the press as it showed natural and flexible movements to overcome the awkward of puppet shows as the director of the film was fixing by hands the motions of the puppets one by one. 
    The film director, Gang Tae-ung who mastered the technique of puppet shows at the puppet film production center of Dentsu company in Japan directed HEUNGBU AND NOLBU in 1968, a stop-motion animation. KONGJUI & PATCHUI is his second feature film. Although it shows a typical pattern of Korean-version of CINDERELLA with the story that cruel step mother and step sister harass in secret a daughter from her husband's ex-wife and finally the beautiful and kind-hearted girl comes to get married with a nice and wealthy man, the film is very excellent in terms of technology.    
  • 03. Grown-ups Just Don't Understand (Eoreundeul-eun molrayo) Lee Kyu-hyung, 1988
    GROWN-UPS JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND(Lee Kyu-hyung, 1988)
    An amateur boxer, Jun boasts as close as his father-sun relationship with young Min-yong who happens to know him. But Min-yong, in fact is a lonely boy who lost his parents and receives care from a foster home. Although Min-yong lived a comfortable and present life with Dalcom and Gongju and other friends in kindergarten with the special care provided by Jun, Min-yong was decided to be sent for overseas adoption right after Jun left for training, and he gradually felt anxious.  

    ▶ I guess that everyone who spent his childhood in the 1980s of Korea, maybe once, heard about the song titled "Grown –ups just don’t understand”and danced to the rhythm of the song. This song whose popularity was possibly comparable with that of the song named "Shark Family" in these days was very popular as the theme song of the movie named GROWN-UPS JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. This movie puts a smile on your face just watching cute and pretty looks of the child stars like Lee Jae-eun, Lee Geon-ju, Kim Hyeon-suin those days. 

    The special delicacy of this movie resides in the story of Dalcom's family. There is never a dull moment in this movie because a touching melodrama narration of Jun and Min-yong is incorporated with all the makings of comedy of Dalcom's family. This movie, which was released in 1988 at Dansungsa, had a remarkable record of number one box office hit for the year.  

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