VOD Choice in April

2019-04-01 ~ 2019-04-30
VOD Choice in April
To provide more diverse and specific information about new and classical films offered via our VOD service, we restructured KMDb VOD Special into a new segment titled “VOD Choice.” This month, VOD Choice introduces three new titles coming to KMDb VOD service in April. 

  • 01. Woman is Better ( Yeojaga Deo Joh-a ) Kim Gi-pung, 1965

    The music teacher has an excessively feminine personality. To obtain consent to marry a woman he loves, the music teacher meets with her parents, as well as her uncle who is a doctor. A series of mishaps take place during the meeting due to his feminine personality, topped by a suggestion by the doctor uncle to undergo a sex reassignment surgery. In this chaotic process, the woman he loves ends up marrying a different man, and the music teacher, filled with revenge, poses as a woman to begin working as a maid in the woman’s home. 

    ▶ This work is one of the forefathers of “man-in-skirt” comedy genre that was popular in the Korean film market during the mid-to-late 1960s. The “man-in-skirt” character in this work, created by the iconic comedy actor Seo Young-Choon, satirizes the assumptions about gender roles and perceptions about sex during its era, in addition to fully engaging in social criticism inherent to the comedy genre. This film was found in the “Han Wu-seop and Han Gyu-ho Collection” obtained by the Korean Film Archive in 2015, but its last parts are missing. The remaining scenario and story line allow the assumption that the film ends by the music teacher going to the doctor to receive a sex reassignment surgery. 
  • 02. Mines are Better ( Naegeot-i Deo Joa ) Lee Hyung-pyo, 1968

    Seong-choon, who recently moved to Seoul from a rural village, met Bong-su while wandering the busy streets of the city with nowhere to go, and follows this stranger to his house without a plan. However, because of Bong-su’s landlord, who has a very picky personality, Bong-su is forced to introduce Seong-choon as his wife who came from his country hometown. With this lie, Seong-choon dresses up as a woman and poses as Bong-su’s wife against his will. 

    ▶ This is another typical “man-in-skirt” comedy film that became popular after the success of WOMAN IS BETTER directed by Kim Gi-pung in the mid-to-late 1960s. This film also cast Seo Young-Choon and Koo Bong-seo, the most popular comedy actors of their time, in the main roles, to satirize the rigid perception of sex in the Korean society. Meanwhile, this comedy film is filled with entertaining elements other than the comic acts of the artists. In particular, the scene in which the fake couple—played by Seo Young-Choon and Koo Bong-seo—go out to the theater is notable in that it is rife with cinematic self-consciousness. Although the scene depicts a fictional situation, the two main characters headed to watch a film are played by the actors—the comic celebrities Koo Bong-seo and Seo Young-Choon—with their real-world personalities to provide cinematic entertainment. 
  • 03. The Night of Full Moon ( Siboya ) Im Kwon-taek, 1969

    On a night with a full moon right after the Kingdom of Joseon was founded, Kim Jin-guk, on his way to be inaugurated into a government post by the first king of the dynasty, is murdered by Park Man-do, a provincial mayor. Kim Jin-guk’s wife runs away from the murder scene, with their newborn son in her arms, but she is soon caught up by the pursuers. In the end, she hides her son near the doorsteps of an aristocratic house and meets her death. The wife of Park Man-do, who had just given birth to her fourth daughter and grieving her lack of a son, finds the abandoned baby boy and swaps him for her newborn daughter. The father of Kim Jin-guk later discovers Park Man-do’s daughter—who was swapped with his grandson—in front of a shrine and raises her as his own. Twenty years later, the son of Kim Jin-guk has been growing up as Geomok, the son of Park Man-do with an outstanding martial arts skills. Maehwa, who has been raised by her step-grandfather—the father of Kim Jin-guk—vows to keep his last words, which was to take revenge on Park Man-do. 

    ▶ This work is one of the first directed by Im Gwon-taek, who debuted earlier in 1962 with the film FAREWELL DUMAN RIVER. For ten years after he debuted, Im Gwon-taek grew into the master he is today by working on films of almost all genres including melodrama, musical, action, martial arts, thriller, and comedy. This work from the early years of his filmography is a melodrama and martial arts that tells the tragic fate of a woman who needs to hide everything about herself, including her gender, to avenge her family. 


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