Black Summer (Geom-eun-yeo-leum)
검은 여름 KOREAN
2017 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 111min 2019-06-20 (Release)
Lee Weon-young
Woo Ji Hyun , Lee Ga-eun , Jung Wonchang , Cho Seongi See all


Jihyeon is a contractual employee in the film department at a local college. When time allows, he dedicates himself to writing and directing movies. He is grateful that he is able to do what he enjoys, and spends his days chronicling and archiving ordinary surroundings and occurrences. One day, Jiheyon is interviewing candidates for a male role in his next film, when he is reunited with Geonwu, who attended the same university a few years behind him. As the two men become reacquainted, Jihyeon starts to feel a change in the wind; his heart is beating faster, his pinwheel is picking up speed. Jihyeon and Geonwu sense newfound emotions beginning to take hold. In a twist, their relationship is exposed to the college community. Rather than jeopardize Geonwu’s future as an actor, Jihyeon makes a sacrifice. The two men must ultimately decide how they will react to both despair and hope.

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Director :
Lee Weon-young
Actor :
Woo Ji Hyun 지현 역
Lee Ga-eun
Jung Wonchang
Cho Seongi
Lee Weon-young  
Lee Weon-young  
Lee Weon-young  
Cinematography Dept.:
Haemin Lee  
Sound Dept.-믹싱:
Hong Cho-seon  
Sound Dept.-프리믹싱:
Ji Seonghyeok  
Han Taehee  
Other Crew-크레딧:
Han Taehee  
Other Crew-DCP:
Mun Myeong-hwan  

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