Fatal Intuiton (Guenomida)
2015 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 108min 2015-10-28 (Release)
Yun Jun-hyeong
Yoo Hae-jin , Joo Won , Lee Yoo-young , Ryu Hye-Young , Lee Jun-hyeok See all


Jang-woo and Eun-ji have only each other for family. After their parents passed away, they relied on each other for everything. Jang-woo plans to move to the city to support his sister in a better environment after she graduates from high school, and begins saving up. One day, Eun-ji disappears suddenly, and 3 days later, she’s found dead. No witnesses, and no evidences to latch onto, Jang-woo is the only one who is interested in finding the killer. During the ritual to send her spirit to heaven in peace, he comes across a suspicious man, who seems to be actively avoiding him. He takes the man’s behavior as his sister’s hint from the afterlife as her killer and digs into the man’s life. Si-eun foresees someone else’s death, and is ostracized by the townspeople for that reason. Even though she saw Eun-ji’s death, who was her only friend, she stayed silent. When Eun-ji is found dead, Si-eun approaches Jang-woo out of guilt to help him with the clues that she found in her vision. But Si-eun predicts yet another death. Jang-woo goes to the place where she predicted the murder would take place in order to capture the killer, and encounters a pharmacist, who is known as one of the kindest person in town. He’s absolutely certain that the pharmacist is the killer but the police ignores him completely, and arrests his cousin for the murder. Jang-woo takes the matter into his own hands and begins chasing after the pharmacist, and Si-eun sees another vision of the murder…

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Director :
Yun Jun-hyeong
Actor :
Yoo Hae-jin 민약국 역
Joo Won 장우 역
Lee Yoo-young 시은 역
Ryu Hye-Young 은지 역
Lee Jun-hyeok 명규 역
: Yun Jun-hyeong
: Hwang Jo-yun
: An Sang-hoon
: Yun Il-joong
: Lee Jae-hyeok
: Kim Huitae
: Steve M. Choe
: Kim Hong-jib Lee Jin-hui
Art Director
: Yang Hong-sam

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