Public Enemy (Gong-gong-eui Juck)
공공의 적 KOREAN
2001 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 138min 2002-01-25 (Release) 1,161,500(Total Admissions)
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Kang Woo-suk
Sul kyoung-gu , Lee Sung-jae , Kang Shin-il , Kim Jung-hak , Do Yong-gu See all


On one rainy night while Chul-jung is on watch duty he has no choice but to take a dump behind an electric pole. After taking care of business, Chul-jung suddenly bumps into a black shadow, and falls right back on his own manure. Pissed off more than ever, he chases after the man and smacks the back of his head. But the stranger stops with no response, and then starts walking again. Chul-jung goes after him again and tries to throw a punch, but the man cuts Chul-jung beneath his eye and walks away, leaving the weapon behind. Blood gushes out of Chul-jung's face as he falls to the ground in pain, holding his wound. A week later, the dead bodies of an old couple are discovered with multiple stab wounds. The police investigate the murder scene, but there isn't a single clue to this gruesome murder. While looking blankly at the corpses, Chul-jung suddenly imagines the man in the raincoat he ran into that night in the rain. Chul-jung realizes that the knife matches the stab wounds on the corpses. He remembers that night all over again and gets really pissed off. Chul-jung meets a fund manager named Cho Gyu-hwan. He has an intuition that he's the murderer, but has no clue to back it up. Clinching on to this strong hunch, he trails Gyu-hwan, instigates him, fights him, using whatever means possible to find some evidence. Of course, Gyu-hwan doesn't just let him get away with it. Money and power is on his side, and he strips away Chul-jung's assignment to this case. But in the meanti

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Director :
Kang Woo-suk
Actor :
Sul kyoung-gu 강철중 역
Lee Sung-jae 조규환 역
Kang Shin-il 엄반장 역
Kim Jung-hak 김형사 역
Do Yong-gu 남형사 역
Writer (novel)-원안
: Koo Bon-han
: Baek Seung-jae Jeong Yun-seop Kim Steve Chae Yun-seok
: Kang Woo-suk
: Ji Mi-hyang Lee Min-ho
: Kim Seongbok
: Shin Hak-sung

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