Juhee from 5 to 7 (5sibuteo 7sikkajiui juhui)
5시부터 7시까지의 주희 KOREAN
2022 | Yes - 12 Republic of Korea 76min 2023-11-08 (Release)
JANG Kunjae
Kim Joo-ryeong , Mun hojin , Kim Keum-sun , Park Hye-jin , An Minyeong See all


Juhee (Kim Jooryung), a professor of theater, is diagnosed with a possible malignant tumor at the hospital. She goes back to school and tries to settle her affairs but many people come to her lab out of the blue. In the meantime, the film intersects the story of Hojin, Juhee’s husband and theater director. However, while the two stories intersect, there is an increasingly unusual atmosphere in the movie, and with only the time axis left ‘from 5 to 7,’ the film opens up a fascinating chapter, making all the boundaries hazily. Director Jang Kunjae completes Juhee′s inner story by scattering the boundaries between the story in the film and the content of the play, and the reality and dreams Juhee has. Kim Jooryung, who played Minyeo in the popular drama series, Squid Game, gives a powerful performance that stands out. (HONG Eunmi)

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Director :
JANG Kunjae
Actor :
Kim Joo-ryeong 주희 역
Mun hojin 호진 역
Kim Keum-sun 의사 역
Park Hye-jin 주희 엄마 역
An Minyeong 교수 역

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Juhee from 5 to 7 (5sibuteo 7sikkajiui juhui) [theatrical version] KEEP_NUMBER : K33312PA
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