House of Hummingbird ( Beol-sae )
2018 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 139min 2019-08-29 (Release)
Epiphany Film
Kim bo-ra
Park Ji-Hoo , Kim Sae-byeok , Jeong In-gi , Lee Seung-yeon , Bak Sooyeon See all


‘What's the right way to live? Some days I feel like I know, but I really don't know for sure. I just know that when bad things happen, good things happen too.’ Korea, 1994. The South is in the grips of FIFA World Cup fever, while the North mourns its newly deceased dictator. Eunhee registers all of this only in passing. Drifting through her days in Seoul, the eighth-grader feels like an outsider everywhere: at school, where her classmates bore her even more than the schoolwork, and at home, where her parents are always at each other's throats and her brother beats her. She tries to fall in love, has to go to hospital after an inconclusive biopsy, and has a falling-out with her best friend – yet nothing moves her with the same unexpected intensity as when a new Chinese tutor enters her life. With visual precision, Kim Bo-ra weaves a dense narrative around a regular summer that leaves nothing unchanged.

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Director :
Kim bo-ra
Actor :
Park Ji-Hoo 은희 역
Kim Sae-byeok 영지 역
Jeong In-gi 은희아빠 역
Lee Seung-yeon 은희엄마 역
Bak Sooyeon 수희 역
: Kim bo-ra
: Kim bo-ra Zoe Sua Cho
: Yun Ik-jun
: Gang Guk-hyeon
: Zoe Sua Cho
Art Director
: Kim Geun-a
Set Decoration
: Kim Min-su
: Lee Gisik
Costume Designer
: Yang Hui-hwa

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