The Truth Beneath (Bimireun Eopda)
비밀은 없다 KOREAN
2015 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 102min 2016-06-23 (Release)
Lee Kyoung-mi
Son Ye-jin , KIM Joo-hyuk , Kim So Hee , Choe Yu-hwa , Shin Ji Hoon See all


Yeon-hong, who supports her husband during his election bid for the National Assembly. But a few weeks before election day, their daughter disappears and their lives begin to crumble around them. Yeon-hong does everything she can to piece together the mystery of her daughter’s apparent abduction but before long things take a turn for the worse.

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Director :
Lee Kyoung-mi
Actor :
Son Ye-jin 김연홍 역
KIM Joo-hyuk 김종찬 역
Kim So Hee 최미옥 역
Choe Yu-hwa 손소라 역
Shin Ji Hoon 김민진 역

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