Love Forecast (o-neu-rui yeon-ae)
오늘의 연애 KOREAN
2014 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 118min 2015-01-14 (Release)
popcorn film,
Park Jin-pyo
LEE Seung-gi , Mun Chae-won , Lee Seo-jin , Jeong Jun-yeong , Nam Neung-mi See all


Hyun-woo is a weather reporter known for her stunning looks and class on television. In real life, however, she’s a boozehound who can shatter any and all preconceived notions of her in the blink of an eye. Dong-jin is the cold, married producer Hyun-woo loves. Hyo-bong is a sincere but dull photographer that goes on a blind date with Hyun-woo. At the center of it all is her childhood friend and schoolteacher Jun-su, whose deep and long simmering love for Hyun-woo leads him down some ridiculous paths. Soon Hyun-woo is forced to leave the city and sets out on a trip designed to help her sort out her true feelings for the three men. Will Dong-jin choose to maintain his perfect façade? Can Hyo-bong’s sweet nature win her over for good? Is it the end for Jun-su and Hyun-woo? Who will she go back to? - KOFIC

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Director :
Park Jin-pyo
Actor :
LEE Seung-gi 강준수 역
Mun Chae-won 김현우 역
Lee Seo-jin 이동진 역
Jeong Jun-yeong 염효봉 역
Nam Neung-mi 목욕탕 할머니 역
: Park Jin-pyo LEE Byeong-heon
: Mun Hyeon-seok Lee Han
: Kim Jae-jung Lee Min-a Cha Seunghun Yoo Dasol
: Han Seong-gu Sim Yeong

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