Fists of Legend (jeonseorui jumeok)
전설의 주먹 KOREAN
2012 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 153min 2013-04-10 (Release)
Cinema Service Co.,Ltd.,
Kang Woo-suk
Hwang Jung-min , Yu Jun-sang , Lee Yo-won , Yoon Je-moon , Jung Woong-in See all


The largest fight show in the world where legendary fighters fight each other begins. Legendary fighters who ramble about their school days. What are they doing now for a living, and where do they live. As the reality TV show <Legendary Fighters>, where fighters who have been once called "legends" contend for victory is broadcast, legendary fighters who have been hiding themselves in time and tide appear one after another, and the show heats up the whole country session by session while giving rise to various extraordinary situations. Are the steel fists of him who dreams of becoming a boxing champion still good? A fighter of misfortune who has become an owner of a noodle restaurant, Im Deok-gyu (Hwang Jung-min) Does he still have the charisma that conquered Sadang High School? Smart fighter Lee Sang-hun, who is a manager of a large company (Yu Jun-sang) Namseoul High School mad dog, does he still have the strong will to win? Tenacious fighter Shin Jae-seok, who dreams of becoming a first-class gangster (Yoon Je-mun) Why have the three men who have never even met after their school days appear in this show? As their behind-the-scene stories are disclosed one by one, the heat of the show rises and eventually, the final show is performed by the eight best fighters - the "Great matches of legends" begins. The last fights happen in the greatest show in the world! Who will be the world's last "legend?"

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Director :
Kang Woo-suk
Actor :
Hwang Jung-min 임덕규 역
Yu Jun-sang 이상훈 역
Lee Yo-won 홍규민PD 역
Yoon Je-moon 신재석 역
Jung Woong-in 손진호 역
Writer (novel)-웹툰<전설의 주먹>
: Lee Jong-gyu
Writer (novel)-퉵툰<전설의 주먹>
: Lee Yoon-gyun
: Jang Min-seok
: Jeong Seon-yeong Son Jeong-woo
: Kim Bong-seo
: Kim Yong-heung Lee Bong-joo
: Gang Dae-hui Kim Wook

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