Love In Magic (Yeon-ae-sul-sa)
2005 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 109min 2005-05-20 (Release)
Cheon Sehwan
Cheon Se-hwan
Park Jin-hee , Yeon Jung-hoon , Jo Mi-ryung , Oh Yoon-ah , Choe Wonyeong See all


U Ji-hun has little else he desires, as he already has achieved fame and wealth as a successful magician. One day, when things are running as smoothly as ever, he suddenly discovers his act was caught on film via a concealed video camera.Meanwhile, he thinks of Gu Hee-won, an ex-girlfriend. While they had few problems as a couple, they had no space for each other in their respective lives, as they were both going through tough times. Ji-hun searches for her, as well as the person who caught him on tape. And he feels the emotions that have disappeared over time. The gap between feelings from the past and the present weighs heavy on his mind. What will be his decision? Meanwhile, Gu Hee-won is now a fine arts teacher who does her work responsibly. Nothing is lacking in her life, either. But one day, she is contacted by her ex-boyfriend, who has been reminded of their past memories. Hee-won never imagined that she would meet him again. She learns about the secret videotape from him, and wants to catch the perpetrator, as well. At the same time, she is confused by her new feelings, created by the memories her ex-boyfriend stirs up. What will be her decision?

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Director :
Cheon Se-hwan
Actor :
Park Jin-hee 구희원 역
Yeon Jung-hoon 우지훈 역
Jo Mi-ryung 이선희 역
Oh Yoon-ah 오현주 역
Choe Wonyeong 한준석 역
Writer (novel)
: Kim Gyoo-won
: Kim Gyoo-won
: Lee Hyo-seung Jo Yun-ho
: Lee Geun-du
: Chung Sung-il
: Hwang Chul-hyun
: Won Myung-jun
: Nam Na-young Heo Sun-mi

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