The Big Swindle ( Beomjoe-ui Jaeguseong )
범죄의 재구성 KOREAN
2004 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 116min 2004-04-15 (Release)
Choi Dong-hoon
Park Shin-yang , Yum Jung-ah , Baek Yoon-sik , Lee Mun-sik , Chun Ho-jin See all


After a month has passed since he was released from prison for fraud, Choe Chang-hyeok has an interesting plan cooked up. It is robbing the Bank of Korea that'll make any thief have a wet dream. The best five thieves come together to form a team. Starting with Choe Chang-hyeok, the brain behind the perfect plan; Master Kim, the godfather of swindlers; Big Mouth, a guy who can talk people into anything; Swallow, a remarkable lady-killer; and Gasoline, who has a gift for counterfeiting. But the only drawback is that they all can't trust each other. They have only one goal - to hit a bank for 5 billion won - but each one of them has their own little plan in mind. They succeed in drawing 5 billion won from the bank, but where is the money? Everyone has been split up, and the money is nowhere to be found. It was a perfect plan. What could have gone wrong? Big Mouth is arrested at the hospital and Gasoline is apprehended at a gambling joint. Swallow is also found, as a corpse. Could this have been another swindle by Master Kim? Or was it Choe Chang-hyeok? The police find out that a telephone call was made by a woman that ruined the plan for the 5 men. The suspect is Seo In-gyeong, femme fatale and Mater Kim’s lover. She didn’t take part in the scam, but she had always been hanging around. Does this mean she is the one that made the call?

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Director :
Choi Dong-hoon
Actor :
Park Shin-yang 최창혁/최창호 역
Yum Jung-ah 서인경 역
Baek Yoon-sik 김선생 역
Lee Mun-sik 얼매 역
Chun Ho-jin 차반장 역
: Choi Dong-hoon
: Tcha Sung-jai No Jong-yun
: Lee Seok-won
: Choi Young-hwan
: Kim Seong-gwan
: Sin Min-gyeong
: Han Jae-gwon
Art Director
: Lee Min-bok
Set Decoration
: Yoon Ki-chan

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