Spy Girl ( Geunyeo-reul Moreu-myeon Gancheop )
그녀를 모르면 간첩 KOREAN
2004 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 102min 2004-01-30 (Release)
M3 Entertainment
Park Han-jun
Kim Jung-hwa , Gong Yoo , Baek Il-seob , Kim Ae-kyung , Nam Sang-me See all


My name is Lim Gye-sun. I have natural good looks and I am a master of combat. I came to the South to catch Kim Yeong-gwang who ran away with the operational funds. I almost died crossing the Imjin River without fins. Now, I work at a fast food joint downtown, using ‘Hyo-jin’ instead of my real name. I am still working on my mission to find Kim Yeong-gwang. But so many guys come to see me at work - it’s tiresome being so pretty. There is one problem. A guy started coming everyday. I wasn’t sure if he liked me or hamburgers, but then took pictures of me with his digital camera and put them up on his website and called it “You’re a spy if you don’t know her.” Should I eliminate him? No, first I’ll flash him with my killer smile and persuade him to close down the site. You’re a spy if you don’t know me, eh? Who are you calling a spy? But wait, he’s cuter than I first thought.My name is Choe Go-bong. I always ranked first in my class in high school. But I messed up the entrance exam because of constipation, and then a soothing pill the next year. Now, I’m on my third year of preparing for the university entrance exam. I was spending my days buried in books when some of the boys tell me that an ‘angel’ has come at the fast food joint in the building next door. I was only mildly curious, but when I laid eyes on her…It was love at first sight. Her name is Park Hyo-jin. I fell madly in love with her and I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Then one day, Dad comes to me with

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Director :
Park Han-jun
Actor :
Kim Jung-hwa 박효진/림계순 역
Gong Yoo 최고봉 역
Baek Il-seob 박무순 역
Kim Ae-kyung 오미자 역
Nam Sang-me 남진아 역
Ha Won-jun  
Myeong Sang-pyo  
Kim U-taek  
Park Hyeon-tae   Yun Seung-hyeon  
Park Hyeon-tae   Yun Seung-hyeon  
Gwon Mi-jeong  
Kim Wie-jin  
Ha Won-jun  
Sin Ok-hyun  
Go Yeong-gwang  
Kim Sun-min  

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