100 Days with Mr. Arrogant ( Nae-sarang Ssagaji )
내사랑 싸가지 KOREAN
2003 | Yes - 12 Republic of Korea 95min 2004-01-16 (Release)
Kim Dong-hyeon, Kim Seong-hun, Kim Jae-min
Shin Dong-ywup
Ha Ji-won , Kim Jae-won , Jin Tae-hyun , Han Min , Yong Seon-hui See all


Ha-yeong is a third year high school student who has many interests and passions in various things, except studies. On her way back from being dumped by her younger boyfriend just before their anniversary, she furiously kicks a can on the road. The can hits an expensive car owned by Hyeong-jun. Just as she sighs with relief for getting away from Hyeong-jun, her cell-phone rings. It turns out she had left her wallet by mistake. Hyeong-jun demands compensation of 3 million won and Ha-yeong, who has no way of paying back that kind of money, unwillingly enters into a contract that binds her to Hyeong-jun for 100 days. She is forced to clean the house, help him with his shopping, write up a paper for him, wash his car, and a lot more things that are far worse than studying. She bears everything at the thought of the scratch she made to the car, but then she finds out that it can be fixed with just 10,000 won. Ha-yeong turns into an incarnation of revenge and practically tears down the car. But the pleasure of victory lasts only so long. Her new tutor turns out to be none other the Hyeong-jun.

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Director :
Shin Dong-ywup
Actor :
Ha Ji-won 강하영 역
Kim Jae-won 안형준 역
Jin Tae-hyun 영은 역
Han Min 현주 역
Yong Seon-hui 주연 역
Writer (novel):
Lee Haet-nim  
Shin Dong-ywup  
Gwak Ho-yeong   Jeong Ji-hoon  
Gwak Ho-yeong   Jeong Ji-hoon  
Jo Beob-seon  
Hwang Hyunkyung  
Kim Seong-hun   Gim Jaemin  
Kim Seong-hun   Gim Jaemin  
Yu Jin-yeong  
Jeong Ji-hoon  
Hwang Chul-hyun  

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