Silmido ( Silmido )
2003 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 135min 2003-12-24 (Release) 2,955,000(Total Admissions)
Hanmac Films,
Kang Woo-suk
Sul kyoung-gu , Ahn Sung-ki , Huh Joon-ho , Lim Won-hee , Jung Jae-young See all


Gang In-chan can not get a job anywhere, because of the fact that his father has defected to North Korea. He wanders around the back alleys until he is jailed for attempted murder, where he is paid a visit by a soldier asking if he could “kill for his country.” Then he is sentenced to death, when his crime was only attempted murder. He is lead to the execution chamber, but it turns out he is taken to an isolated pier in Incheon. There he finds others like him - Sang-pil, Chan-seok, Won-hui, and Geun-jae who have all been dragged to this place. That is how in 1968, 31 young men were taken to Silmido, an isolated island off the west coast. Not knowing what is going on, their hair is shaved off. Then the soldier that had paid each of them a visit stands in front of them. He is warrant officer Kim Jae-hyeon. He tells them that their single mission is to “enter the palace of Kim Il-sung and bring his head.” Hellish drills start under the supervision of Sergeant Jo. They have no ranks, and they are not part of any military division. They are just called ‘684 North Korean palace explosion corps.’ Each of them is assigned to an individual trainer, who is also responsible for keeping an eye on them. On Silmido, there is no human dignity - only the goal of cutting Kim Il-sung’s throat.

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Director :
Kang Woo-suk
Actor :
Sul kyoung-gu 인찬 역
Ahn Sung-ki 재현 역
Huh Joon-ho 조중사 역
Lim Won-hee 원희 역
Jung Jae-young 상필 역
Writer (novel)
: Baek Dong-ho
: Kim Hee-jae
: Lee Min-ho
: Kim Hyeong-jun Lee Jong-sun
: Kim Seongbok
: Shin Hak-sung
: Go Lim Pyo
: Cho Young-wook Han Jae-gwon

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