Old Boy
2003 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 120min 2003-11-21 (Release)
Park Chan-wook
Choi Min-sik , Yoo Ji-tae , Kang Hye-jung , Kim Byung-oc , Ji Dae-han See all


O Dae-su is an ordinary salary man with a wife and daughter who likes his drinks and to talk with his friends. His motto is “to get by day by day.” One night, he is kidnapped on his way home and thrown in a privately run prison. The prison looks like a cheap hotel room. All he has as his menu is fried dumplings, and all he can do in the tiny cell is watch TV. After about a year, he learns that his wife has been murdered and that he is the primary suspect. He tries suicide, but even this is not to be had. Vowing to take his revenge, he starts training his mind and body. Meanwhile, in an attempt to guess who could be responsible for keeping him in this cell, he begins to write a “Bibliography of Evil Deeds” trying to remember everything bad he had ever done in his life. He also starts digging a whole in the wall with steel chopsticks. Fifteen years passed by and just when the hole had gotten big enough to let him through, he finds he has been released and abandoned at the very spot that he was first kidnapped. He stops by a Japanese restaurant and he blacks out. Mi-do, the assistant cook at the restaurant takes him to her flat. Mi-do’s sympathy for Dae-su slowly changes to affection. Meanwhile, Dae-su finds out about the 7.5 storey prison through a receipt he had found in the fried dumplings, which had ‘Cheongryong(blue dragon)’ written on it. On the day of their first encounter, Wu-jin makes a proposal to Dae-su that if he were to find out why he had imprisoned him within 5 da

Credit (230)

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Director :
Park Chan-wook
Actor :
Choi Min-sik 대수 역
Yoo Ji-tae 우진 역
Kang Hye-jung 미도 역
Kim Byung-oc 경호실장 역
Ji Dae-han 주환 역

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