Please Teach Me English ( Yeong-eo Wanjeon Jeongbok )
영어완전정복 KOREAN
2003 | Yes - 12 Republic of Korea 118min 2003-11-05 (Release) 330,121(Total Admissions)
Nabi Pictures
Kim Sung-su
Lee Na-young , Jang Hyuk , Na Moon-hee , Kim Yong-geon , Kim Inmoon See all


Na Yeong-ju works in the district office who is an avid reader of the fortune section of the sports newspaper. There is nothing special about her and everything about her and around her is ordinary, but she convinces herself that the world just didn’t know how special she was yet. Her ordinary daily routine is changed when a foreigner stops by one day. Yeong-ju who has never won a lottery for anything in her life, has drawn the longest straw in choosing who would enroll at an English institute. There, she falls head over heels over Mun-su and is deeply moved by his kindness, which is probably only habitual on his part. Yeong-ju firmly believes that Mun-su is her knight in shining armor. She decides to study hard when she learns that he wants to propose to the woman he loves in English.

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Director :
Kim Sung-su
Actor :
Lee Na-young 나영주 역
Jang Hyuk 박문수 역
Na Moon-hee 문수모 역
Kim Yong-geon 영주부 역
Kim Inmoon 외조부 역
Writer (novel)
: Kim Ji-young
: No Hye-yeong Choe Hui-dae Kim Sung-su
: Jo Min-whan Kim Sung-su
: Choe Jeong-hwa
: Kim Min-gi
: Kim Hyung-koo
: Lee Kang-san

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