Memories of Murder (Salin-ui Chueok)
살인의 추억 KOREAN
2003 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 131min 2003-04-25 (Release) 1,912,729(Total Admissions)
Bong Joon-ho
Song Kang-ho , Kim Sang-kyung , Kim Roi-ha , Song Jae-ho , Byun Hee-bong See all


It happens in Gyeong-gi Province in 1986. Young lady is raped and murdered and found dead as a cold body. Two months later, similar consecutive murders take place and people gradually pay attention to it. The village people panic for such consecutive murders. A special investigation team is set up in the area. The team is led by Gu Hui-bong and has detective Pak Du-man, Jo Yong-gu and Seo Tae-yun who volunteered from Seoul. Pak Du-man trusts his guts and tries to get confession from local gangsters by threatening them. Seo Tae-yun tries to find some evidence by looking at the papers carefully. The two detectives, who have different style, are hard to get along with. A suspect is arrested and the investigation appears to be almost finished. But on the spot inspection where the journalists came, the very suspect now denies his murder. This incident makes the leader Gu Hui-bong to get fired. The murderer has not left any evidence on the spot. He has used the victims' stuff to tie them up or to kill them. Moreover, although raping the victims before killing them, the murderer has not left any pubic hair on the spot. As Shin Dong-cheol takes over Gu's seat, the investigation shows signs of revival. Pak Du-man finds people who are hairless in the public bathhouses. Seo Tae-yun finds out that all murders were done in a rainy day and towards those who wore red clothes. Detectives now dress a female cop in red on a rainy day. However, they get another body of a woman having the umbrel

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Director :
Bong Joon-ho
Actor :
Song Kang-ho 박두만 역
Kim Sang-kyung 서태윤 역
Kim Roi-ha 조용구 역
Song Jae-ho 신동철반장 역
Byun Hee-bong 구희봉반장 역
Writer (novel)
: Kim Gwang-rim
: Bong Joon-ho SHIM Sung-bo
: Tcha Sung-jai No Jong-yun
: Kim Mu-ryeong
: Kim Hyung-koo
: Lee Kang-san
: Kim Sun-min
: 이와시로 타로

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