Ardor (Milae)
2002 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 112min 2002-11-08 (Release) 144,603(Total Admissions)
Good Movie Company
Cinema Service
Byun Young-joo
Kim Yun-jin , Lee Jong-won , Gye Seong-yong , Kim Min-kyoung , YOON Da-kyung See all


TERROR. A woman in a red sweater visits the house of Mi-Heun, a 30-year-old housewife. To the surprise of Mi-Heun, the woman calls Mi-Heun's husband her "dear" elder brother. Those words uttered on the Christmas day afternoon are interpreted by Mi-Heun as an act of terror, depriving her of everything she has cherished throughout her life. ESCAPE. Lost in the rapture of living in the Nabi village, Mi-Heun's family live peacefully as if nothing happened. Since the night, Mi-Heun has been afflicted with a headache for unknown reason and reveals her true heart painfully. To her, however, nothing has changed. IN-GYU. A doctor at a remote village hospital who enjoys angling in a nearby lake and meets and has sex with girls in the same manner. When he is almost accustomed to enjoying his own life, he meets her. GAME. When Mi-Heun is sitting at a resting house absent-mindedly under the hot sun, In-Gyu awakens her with a voice like an alarm whistle. Mi-Heun refuses him desperately but at the same time is deeply attracted to him. CONFIRMATION. In-Gyu's answer gives Mi-Heun a deep impression. At the turning point in her life when she thinks her life is almost over, she now plays dangerous game in which she is allowed to have sex but forbidden to love someone. She is now indulged in pleasure the game gives her. VACANT PLACE. Recently, Mi-Heun's husband wished to make a small pond where he can feed some fish. He thought the pond would help him live happily with her. Mi-Heun, however, neve

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Director :
Byun Young-joo
Actor :
Kim Yun-jin 미흔 역
Lee Jong-won 인규 역
Gye Seong-yong 효경 역
Kim Min-kyoung 영우 역
YOON Da-kyung 은연 역
Writer (novel)
: Jeon Kyungrin
: Kim Jae-yeon Byun Young-joo
: Kim Mi-hee
: Sin Hye-eun
: Kang Woo-suk
: Gwon Hyeok-jun
: Park Gok-ji Jeong Jin-hui
: Cho Young-wook

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