Emergency Measure 19 ( Gingeupjochi Sipgu-ho )
긴급조치 19호 KOREAN
2002 | Yes - 15 Republic of Korea 95min 2002-07-19 (Release) 41,034(Total Admissions)
Source One Production
Kim Tae-gyu
Kim Jang-hoon , Hong Kyung-min , Kong Hyo-jin , No JuHyeon , Ju Young-hoon See all


Singers in many countries run for presidency, and Michael Jackson is elected as president of the United States with full support from the American citizens. Seeing this, the president’s chief secretary gives on official order named “Emergency Measure 19” under the sanction of the President. A state of national emergency is declared and soldiers are ordered to round up all the singers in the country. Hong Gyeong-min is having a concert, unaware of what is going on. Min-ji, the daughter of the chief secretary and president of Gyeong-min’s fan club, helps him escape from the soldiers. They meet Kim Jang-hun, who is on his way as guest star in Gyeong-min’s concert. The two singers are led to the secret hide-out of the fan club. Meanwhile, Ju Yeong-hun turns into a spy, turning in his fellow singers. Some singers have plastic surgery to hide their identity, and some, after being tortured, vow that they will give up their careers. Gyeong-min, Jang-hun and the members of the fan club make plans to kidnap the chief secretary, and convince the people that “Emergency Measure 19” is no longer effective.

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Director :
Kim Tae-gyu
Actor :
Kim Jang-hoon
Hong Kyung-min
Kong Hyo-jin 김민지 역
No JuHyeon 비서실장 역
Ju Young-hoon
Writer (novel)
: Kim Eun-tae
: Kim Seong-dong Lee Seung-guk
: Park Jun-yeong
: Suh Se-won
: Song Chang-yong
: Lee Ho-yeon Jeong I-rae Lee Jae-geon
: Hwang Seo-sik

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