A Peppermint Candy (Bak-ha-sa-tang)
1999 | Yes - 18 Republic of Korea 129min 2000-01-01 (Release) 290,352(Total Admissions)
East Film
Shindo Film
Lee Chang-dong
Sul kyoung-gu , Moon So-ri , Kim Yeo-jin , Park Se-bum , Suh Jung See all


Outdoor Picnic, Spring 1999: Young-ho has lost everything; his youth, dreams, hopes and love. He returns to the picnic site where twenty years ago he had been with his first love. Three Days Ago, Spring 1999 : Young-ho, forty years old. Abandoned by his wife and cheated by his business partner. He gets a pistol and attempts to kill himself when a stranger stops him. The stranger takes him to his first love Soon-im. Life is Beautiful, Summer, 1994 : Young-ho is thirty-five and is the owner of a furniture store. His wife Hong-ja is fooling around with her driving instructor and he is cheating on her with his secretary. He runs into a man he had tortured when he was a police officer. Confession, April, 1987: Young-ho is bored with his life while his wife Hong-ja is about to deliver a baby any day. In the arms of a barmaid in a beat up room, he cries out for Soon-im. Prayer, Autumn, 1984: Young-ho is a rookie cop on his first beat. He can barely stomach the violent tempers of his senior officers but at the same time finds himself giving into his own violent nature. In an act to deny his own innocence, he refuses Soon-im's affections and marries Hong-ja. Visit, May, 1980: Newly enlisted soldier Young-ho watches as Soon-im is turned away from the base. He wants to yell after her but keeps silent and climbs into the truck headed in response to a state of emergency. Picnic, Autumn, 1979: Young-ho and Soon-im have just turned twenty. They are overcome by their pure love for eac

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Director :
Lee Chang-dong
Actor :
Sul kyoung-gu 김영호 역
Moon So-ri 윤순임 역
Kim Yeo-jin 양홍자 역
Park Se-bum 신광남 역
Suh Jung 미스리 역
: Lee Chang-dong
: Dong Bangwoo
: Jeon Jae-young Jeon Yang-jun
: Kim Hyung-koo
: Lee Kang-san
: Kim Hyeon
: Lee Jae-jin
Art Director
: Park Il-hyun
Set Decoration
: Oh Sang-man

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