My heart (Jeong)
1999 | No - 12 Republic of Korea 114min 2000-06-17 (Release) 2,632(Total Admissions)
Bae Chang Ho Production
Bae Chang-ho
Kim Yoo-mee , Kim Myung-kon , Yun Yu-sun , Nam Jung-hee , Kim Jong-gu See all


Sixteen year old Soonie is married to the ten-year old son of the local Korean medicine doctor. Married to a child, Soonie is subjected to the hard life of the traditional daughter-in-law. Ten tears pass and her husband, who has gone away to study, returns with a stylish 'modern woman' dressed in Western clothes. When Soonie finds out that the woman is carrying her husband's child, she quietly packs her bag and leaves. Years later, Soonie is living in a small village as a widow. Duk-soon, the village potter, takes her to his home, confessing his love for her. Soonie accepts his pure and sincere love, and the two of them live in happiness and growing affection. Then one day, Duk-soon is killed in an accident... Again the years pass and one winter Soonie, alone and struggle to survive, takes in a woman and child on the run from an abusive husband. When the woman is forced to give up the child, Soonie takes him in and devotes herself to the child with all her heart.

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Director :
Bae Chang-ho
Actor :
Kim Yoo-mee 순이 역
Kim Myung-kon 덕순 역
Yun Yu-sun 복녀 역
Nam Jung-hee 한씨 역
Kim Jong-gu 근식 역
: Bae Chang-ho Kim Yoo-mee
: Bae Chang-ho
: Song Hang-ki
: Lee Seung-ku
: Kim Hyeon
: Lee Seong-jae
: Kim Gyu-yang
Art Director
: Kim Yu-jun
Art Director-아트디렉터
: Kang Seung-yong

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