Spinning the Tales of Cruelty Towards Women (Yeoinjanhoksa mulreya mulreya)
여인잔혹사 물레야 물레야 VOD KOREAN
1983 | No - 18 Republic of Korea 100min 1984-02-25 (Release) 35,715(Total Admissions)
Han Rim Films Co., Ltd
Lee Doo-yong
Won Mi-kyung , Sin Il-ryong , Moon Jung-suk , Choe Sung-kwan , Park Min-ho See all


Kil-rye is a maiden from a respectable but poor family. She marries the deceased son of the powerful Official Kim's household. Kil-rye acts as young widow but she is violated by Han-saeng. When this is found out, Kil-rye is able to run away thanks to the kindness of her father-in-law. Kil-rye meets Yun-bo, a servant in Official Chae's household, and marries him, becoming a servant herself. Afterwards, Yun-bo hears that the honor of his household is to be restored so he takes Kil-rye to his hometown and marries her. However, when she has no children, Yun-bo takes a mistress. Yun-bo realizes that he is the one who is infertile. He forces Kil-rye to continue the bloodline. Kil-rye has a son. However, when her husband hands her a knife, Kil-rye understands and hangs herself.


여인잔혹사 물레야 물레야 Information Use
여인잔혹사 물레야 물레야 [본편] KMDb VOD
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