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Here We Go to Produce Film! (2017.02)

Female Film Directors & Staffs Planting Seeds of Hope on a Barren Ground

Winter Train Trip

The KMDb VOD Special Screening for January 2017 is Winter Train Trip, which won the first place in 2016 Programmer Competition. The work was reviewed as having a romantic mood through a theme connecting winter, train, and travel.

Koo Bong-seo, Yoon Jeong-hee

Closing the year of 2016, Nov-Dec KMDb VOD Special Program provides two sections in particular: Memorial Screening for Koo Bong-seo and Special Screening for Yoon Jeong-hee.

Ahn Sung-Ki: A Child Star Sprouts out into a Giant Tree

Actor Ahn Sung-Ki's 34 Films

Ok-hee's films

The Jul-Aug KMDb VOD Special Program spotlights the films of 'Ok-hee' Jeon Young-sun who has never lost her vitality even in adversity.

Remember the Members!

KMDb's special VOD screening for May and June has gathered Korean movies that present those shining cast ensembles. And the event is titled 'Remember the Members!'

I’ll Make It My Style!

Sometimes, directors try a rendition in his or her style of such stories treated by seniors or their old masters, thus presenting it to the audience as an outcome with similar colors but, in most cases, with entirely different colors.

Speaking of the Times in a Made-up Space (2016.2.)

KMDb’s February special uses the runner-up entry in the KMDb Special Production Competition titled “Speaking of the Times in a Made-up Space.” This special program entry was evaluated as having “a unique concept through which the viewers can understand the characteristics of Korean film in various times, with..

Respond, Actresses from 1988

Memories are beautiful regardless of the time they are from, because we can look back on those days. The year 1988 is the subject of a recently popular TV drama 'Respond 1988.' It was a golden era of Korean film, during which barrages of works were released despite rampant censorship, and actresses participat..

Korean Classics

KOFA shows six films by director Kim Soo-yong including Full Ship, of all 94 titles that it found and gathered this year from CEO Han Kyu-ho of Yonhap Film Corporation. The films, which are digitized through a precision scan from the copies of 16mm films, constitute important materials that can fill the vacan..
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